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Valverde Maclean

Life and love can take us to unexpected places


Valverde Maclean has a passion for Australia and its people.

He likes puzzles and words, but not Scrabble.  His puzzles are about people’s relationships and the peculiar circumstances in which they sometimes find themselves.

Having worked in the Territory, as well as the south of the country, he has seen much of Australia and vividly brings the sights and sounds of that vast country to the reader, giving them an understanding of life far from the big cities.

While his stories are set in the present day with all its changes and challenges, the background to his stories often include the past: particularly the development of the inland and the ramifications for the economic life of the nation.

At the conclusion of a Valverde Maclean novel the readers know a whole lot more about people, Australia and themselves.

He now lives near a small village in the beautiful Sunshine Coast Hinterland of Queensland, Australia.

Valentine’s Day for Lovers of Books

    It was a hot day in Mapleton as invited authors talked with members of the Community Library.  I spoke of the advantages, and frustrations, of writing books today.   I also spoke of how our backgrounds and family history can, sometimes unknown to us, can influence our actions and affect tf the coming generations, a theme of my latest novel “The Letter”.   



  Bull dust to Books

    In a talk to the Probus club of the North Blackall Range Valverde Maclean spoke of his experience in the cattle industry in the Northern Territory of Australia.


Support for Community and Youth groups

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