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Valverde Maclean

Life and love can take us to unexpected places

An Interview with the Author

Interviewer:  Congratulations on your new novel.

VM: Thank you.

Interviewer: It’s called “The Letter”.  What is it about?

VM:  A  woman’s elderly mother has passed away and among her effects was an old letter.    It’s her decision to uncover the mystery of this letter that starts the woman on her search across Australia.

Interviewer:  How does it compare to your previous novel?

VM:  Like my earlier novels it is a mystery, but this time not solving a murder or missing person but discovering family secrets.

Interviewer: Where is the story based?

VM: The novel starts in Melbourne and travels to Sydney and Noosa.  However the search takes her to Western Queensland and far west New South Wales.  Regions far away from the big cities and to a different way of life.

Interviewer:  From the book your  interest in the history has continued.?

VM:  Yes.  Present day Australia has changed.  In seeking answers about her family Liz must rediscover how great those changes have been.  Nevertheless our history makes us what we are whether we acknowledge it on not.


Interviiewer:  Your previous books also dealt with relationships.  Has this continued?

VM:  Very much so.  The book deals with present day relationships and relationships of the past and how they have changed, or not changed.

Interviewer:  What do you want to achieve with this book.?

VM: As well as enjoy the story I hope readers will take a greater interest in their family history, and the affect their own decisions will have on future generations.

Interviewer:  Thank you for your time.

VM:  Thank you.