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Valverde Maclean

Life and love can take us to unexpected places.

An exciting road trip to a remote part of the world is a sure-fire way to test a new relationship, especially when you are used to five star hotels, and not just a mattress on the roof of a four-wheel drive.

Nor do they know that the sighting of an unusual woman at an evening market will have such a dramatic effect on their lives.

From Darwin, across the Territory and into the Kimberley, the journey is just another holiday visiting interesting places until a dead body turns up, only to vanish, and be discovered fifteen hundred kilometres away.

Surprisingly, others are interested in their travels, and while danger stalks them they must discover the reason for their troubles and what their relationship really means.

"Magenta" is now available from Elements of Montville.  The High Tea and coffees are also delicious.

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