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Valverde Maclean

Life and love can take us to unexpected places

MP,Victoria, Australia

Was already reading a book when yours arrived so had to finish that before i started on yours. Just finished it last night so Doug is reading it now. I found it quite intriguing as well as taking me to places we have been on our travels. I love reading books like that as you can relate to them more.

Rene T, Qld, Australia

Thank you for posting your book,  My friend Pat stayed with me recently and she really enjoyed reading ‘Magenta’, at one part she couldn’t put it down.

Keep up the good work. 

MW, N.S.W. Australia

Thank for the great book 'Magenta'. I was taken on a fascinating road trip of Northern and Western Australia enjoying all of the magnificent scenery, aboriginal art, mining sites, wine areas, camping adventure, dust and bumps included.

A really well researched book with no holding back on thought provoking contemporary social issues. A murder mystery and a budding romance thrown in to make a very enjoyable read.  

MB, Queensland, Australia.

   Couldn't put it down until I finished it last night; the plot becomes really intriguing after the death of Magenta.  Very much enjoyed the first half of the novel though and appreciated all the research involved with the Kimberley, Bradshaw art and general social conditions in that region.   Refreshing to know that the author was sufficiently brave to flout 'political correctness' with regard to a lot of conventional expression regarding indigenous problems and also with academic postulating on aboriginal people and their origins.

JDR, Qld,Australia

 The book brought back many wonderful memories of our journey in the Kimberleys, Kakadu, Broome etc. with the majestic scenery & fascinating aboriginal art. We also had a vehicle with pop-up sleeping on top, but found it quite easy to manage after the first time.

By coincidence we also completed our journey in the Margaret River area, though we flew there from Derby.

The story was a most enjoyable read & would make a great gift for anyone considering ‘doing’ the northern journey.

VM  It’s pleasing to know my depiction of the background locations of the story are accurate.  As well a a story about relationships and mystery it is also a story about Australia.


 Don’t believe I’ve learnt to much about Australia from any book I’ve read before. It was very interesting, and you have a knack for writing from the female perspective.  It’s something men usually have trouble with.

VM.Thanks for your comments.  I hope my stories show readers an Australia and Australian life as it is.

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