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Valverde Maclean

Life and love can take us to unexpected places.

The Hinterland Times


You may remember Bryan Hughes, and his “Postcards from La Charente” published last year in HT.  This year Bryan has a great holiday read suggestion: a romantic mystery, from a surprising quarter.

A review by Bryan Hughes

It’s actually two stories cleverly woven into the one engaging narrative The pace is crisp, the narrative clear and the background descriptions and historical detail well-observed and entertaining. The plot holds together well and is intrinsically quite believable, although the villain’s comeuppance is perhaps a little too pat.

To this reviewer, the dialogue, well constructed and concise as it is, seems somewhat stilted in places, a little less than entirely natural, but others may take a different view.

These minor criticisms aside, put aside enough time, as you will want to keep turning those, pages!


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The Disappearance of Merry is a very  charming book by  new author Valverde  Maclean, stocked by Anne Brown at Rosetta Books

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