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Valverde Maclean

Life and love can take us to unexpected places.

Wednesday’s Puzzle


What does she say?  I need your help.

In my third book, hopefully out in November, a nineteen year old city girl finds herself in a remote, (well, no mobile phone coverage), part of Australia.

She tells her friends she “was in the sticks”.  However I have since discovered that the expression isn’t used by today’s teenagers.

Any suggestions what expression she would use?


I’ve just returned from a three thousand kilometre road trip through Western Queensland researching my next book.

I met some great people, heard lots of great stories, and found some fascinating history.

The puzzle is, which stories to tell.

What sort of stories interest you?  Let me know.


The Dry has arrived in the Territory and the Mindil Beach Sunset Market is on again.  If you are in Darwin, or planning to visit, check it out.

Their website is   They are on every Thursday and Saturday nights until the end of October.

Who knows you may see Magenta!

“Magenta” and “The Disappearance of Merry” are available in eBook from (search for Valverde Maclean) and in print from this website.  


Last weekend I attended the Noosa Food and Wine Festival.

There appears to be a competition amongst chefs as to who had the most obscure and unusual ingredients in their creations.

I though the winner for most original was “Brine-soaked, smoked, dehydrated and then grated fish hearts.”

I doubt if is available in your local supermarket - just yet.

If you’ve tried it please let me know.


The last convicts to arrive in Australia were transported to Western Australia in 1868.

Samuel Speed arrived in the Swan River Settlement in 1864.

He was twenty- five years old and sentenced to seven years for arson.

On the 27th of August 1938, he was interviewed by the Mirror newspaper in Perth.

At that stage, he was living in an Old Men’s Home in Perth.