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I’ve just returned from a trip researching background material for my new book.  It is set in the wineries and vineyards of North-East Victoria and I had to visit a number of Cellar Doors and do some tasting.  It was necessary  It’s very important to get your facts right!

Rutherglen and the North East are an interesting and enjoyable place to visit today, but the region  also has a fascinating history and is full of great personalities and stories, past and present.  My challenge will be to make the fiction as interesting and exciting as the facts.


Some people like to hold a book in their hand.  Others like eBooks.  I’ve been told you can read an eBook in bed without turning on a light and disturbing your sleeping partner.  I’ve also been told they are great for travelling because they don’t use up your luggage allowance.  One reader likes eBooks because they don’t take up space on the shelf.  And finally, they are great for people who need larger print because you can resize the text to suit your preference.

“The. Letter” has just been released as an eBook and has joined my other books “The Disappearance of Merry” and “Magenta” in both print and digital formats.  They are available from Amazon.  Just search for Valverde Maclean, or go to my website and click on the links “Buy the Books” and “Select your eBook”.


William Shakespeare and Barcaldine in Western Queensland

 wouldn’t seem to have a great deal in common.

However there is a connection.

Read “The Letter” and find the link.