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Valverde Maclean

Life and love can take us to unexpected places

JS, Qld, Australia

I don’t usually read books but a friend gave me “The Disappearance of Merry” and I loved it.  Now I want to read “Magenta”.


Very interesting read, and I loved the idea of Suzie and Peter reconnecting after so many years.  A book that has everything: romance, intrigue, murder and history.”

“I finished reading your book this morning.  I average one book a week and I always judge an author by how hard it is to put the book down and go and get some jobs done.  I can assure you that I found your book very difficult to put down.  When can I place my order for the sequel?”

“Lent my book to a friend who read it in two days.  She enjoyed it and couldn’t believe the ending.”

“Love it.  I started it last night and can't put it down.  Written to really capture your attention.”

“I have just finished and thoroughly enjoyed reading The Disappearance of Merry.  At first I had a little trouble identifying characters but as the story unfolded the characters fell all into place.  I enjoyed the author’s research on different subjects throughout the book.  I recommend this as an easy but intriguing read.”

“It was a good read.  I read it in one day … much to the detriment to the rest of my life!  I screeched when I came to the end.  When is the sequel?”

“Once or twice when I was reading the story I wondered how likely some of the events would be.  Then when I remembered some of the coincidences in my life I decided that they were reasonable.”

“I got to the end of the story and … thinking about it, I enjoyed the journey.  Especially the references to both present and past times.  Next time I am in Melbourne I am going to take a walk to some of the locations, and Ballarat during the Begonia Festival.  I still want to know more!”

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