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Valverde Maclean

Life and love can take us to unexpected places

It’s actually two stories cleverly woven into the one engaging narrative, but told from two complementary viewpoints, one by Suzie, and the other by Peter.

Suzie, now 60-something, while shopping in Melbourne, accidentally meets her old “very close” boyfriend from her London days (as the narrative unfolds we discover just how close he was!). reconnects with an old flame.

An accidental investigation develops, as does the old relationship between Suzie and Peter.  The story of rekindled romance is told with a sure and sensitive touch, not without humour, hopefully showing a younger generation of readers that love and sex are not lost at 60.

The pace is crisp, the narrative clear and the background descriptions and historical detail well-observed and entertaining. The plot holds together well and is intrinsically quite believable, although the villain’s comeuppance is perhaps a little too pat.

To this reviewer, the dialogue, well constructed and concise as it is, seems somewhat stilted in places, a little less than entirely natural, but others may take a different view.

These minor criticisms aside, put aside enough time, as you will want to keep turning those, pages!

If I were to be unkind I would say that my friend does not epitomise my concept of being romantic or mysterious. How wrong I’ve been all these years. The book is finished, done and dusted and a great read it is too.

The author writes under the pen name Valverde, an old family name.

“The Disappearance of Merry” is now  on sale at Rosetta Books in Maleny, Elements at Montville (Kondalilla Rd), Books of Buderim, and at