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Valverde Maclean

Life and love can take us to unexpected places.

 ..................................  Even now I didn’t know why.  When I tried to find out from her friends where she was they wouldn’t tell me.  I was sure she had told them not to say where she had gone.  She had still not explained her disappearance apart from saying that she had to go to Germany.  I had even wondered if she might have gotten pregnant.  There was hardly time for her to know, and it wasn’t likely.  She had always seemed so confident and in control.  I couldn’t see her having an abortion or giving a child away for adoption.  That just would not have been the woman I knew—or thought I knew.  Besides, her son was similar in age to my son Matthew, so she was probably not pregnant at that time.

It was several years after Suzie when I first met Claire.  I did worry for a while that I was on the rebound and not really over Suzie.  Claire and Suzie were quite different in many ways but they both had the same spirit for life and a generosity of nature that I found attractive.  Claire had made a great mate for a wandering miner.  I don’t know that Suzie would have adjusted to that life as well as Claire had done.  It certainly wasn’t what Suzie had seen for herself.  I don’t know how we would have fared if she had not disappeared.  Perhaps it would have ended badly.  How strange that now we should be back in each other’s company.

Sleeping together had always been a pleasure.  I remembered the feeling of waking beside her.  And our time awake had been fun.  The sex had been open and happy and energetic.  There had been lots of laughter. What would it be like now?  She must realise that one room meant one bed and one bed meant things would happen.  Well I hope things will happen.  It has been a while since I last performed in bed.  Could I still do it?  She was very attractive.  That shouldn’t be a problem but would she be satisfied?  I am sure there would have been men looking to romance her and bed her.